Create your first canned response

What is a canned response?

A template is a piece of text that can be inserted into any website input field (for example, text area and text inputs) with Briskine.

What are canned responses good for?

Customer’s emails and questions can get repetitive & writing the same replies is time-consuming & tedious. Canned responses are used as an easy and perfect solution to such a painful issue.


🔥 Creating a canned response is easy. Follow the steps below to create your first canned response.


1. Click the “New Template” button to create a template.


2. Name your template in the text box, then enter a Text shortcut (what you will type to insert the template), then enter the Template Content in the text box. You can add multiple tags which are useful for filtering, and categorizing your templates.


3. Now save your canned response template, and head over to any app or website you want to use your canned response.

SwiftReply works everywhere you do. No integration is required 💯

4. We have two ways to insert any canned response:

  • Using Keyboard Completion

Write Template Shortcut then click on your “Insert Keyboard Shortcut” that you used on the settings.


  • Select Templates From The List

Sometimes you can’t remember all your templates shortcuts. No problem, click on your “List Keyboard Shortcut” that you used on the settings then insert the template directly from the list with one click.