How It Works on Android / iOS

New to SwiftReply? Huge welcome! We’re excited to show you some of the cool things you’ll soon be able to do! Let’s get going!

Install Android Version:

Install iOS Version:


⭐️⭐️ How To Use It ⭐️⭐️

1- Create an account then log in with your email and password.

2- Enable SwiftReply keyboard.

  • Android: 👉 Settings > System > Language & Inputs > On-Screen Keyboard > Click “+ manage” if hidden then enable SwiftReply keyboard.
  • iOS: 👉 Settings > General > Keyboards > Add & enable SwiftReply keyboard.

That’s all! Now let’s use it 🔥
3- Open any app for example Massenger. Click messenger chat text input and switch from GBoard keyboard to SwiftReply Keyboard.


🔥 How It Works on Android 🔥


🔥 How It Works on iOS 🔥